Inspiration back stage on shoot

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Go Back Stage with Tyler Colton from on Vimeo.

Check out Tyler Colton working back stage with Schwarzkopf product line Osis. Cool hair ideas and inspiration!!!

Holiday Hair Quick Tip 2

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Holiday Hair Quick tips from on Vimeo.

Learn a new quick holiday look from celebrity hairdresser Tyler Colton.

Behind the Scenes of Freelancing

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Sarah Mclachlan

Let’s take a journey into the world of one of Hollywood’s top celebrity stylists: Tyler Colton. Not only is he a Guest Artist for Schwarzkopf Professional, but what he brings to the table is much more than just dynamic skills and a knack for hair. He has been in the business for 17 years and 12 of those years he has had experience working with some of the worlds most beautiful people. Tyler’s repertoire of clients includes: Avril Lavigne, Sarah McLachlan, Hilary Swank, Charlize Theron, Eva Longoria, and Jennifer Garner. Not only does he work on set but he is also a sought-after editorial stylist. Tyler’s work has been represented on and inside the covers of top national and international publications including: Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Elle, GQ, Interview, In-Style, Entertainment Weekly, Teen People, Maxim, and Cosmo.

Let’s find out a little bit more about why Tyler Colton is such a success:

SKP: How did you get your start doing hair for celebrities?

TC: I started beauty school at age 23. While in school a friend asked me if I wanted to do a model test. Modeling agencies do tests for new faces and it’s a great way for new stylists to hone in their skills. The photographer that was working at the model test was the art director on R.E.M.’s “Losing My Religion” music video. She liked me so much that she told the director that I would be perfect for the job, even though I didn’t have a portfolio to show, she convinced him to hire me. After that video, I had been bitten by the “bug” and couldn’t wait to do more work. From that point I hired an agent to get me more work.

SKP: Who was your first celebrity client?

TC: R.E.M. was my first and then my agent got me a job on the set of the TV Show “Roseanne”. On day one my first celebrity was Sandra Bernhard and then I worked on the rest of the supporting cast thereafter. At the same time I was working there, I continued to build my editorial work, as well as, new celebrity clientele. Every single day was different.

SKP: What is your craziest work story?

TC: I have two stories that I can think of. The first one was when I was working in Brazil on the set for a Showtime movie. The set was based in the middle of a favela (means “slum” in Portuguese, that term is also used for shanty towns in Brazil) and when we left the set one night we were stopped by two “undercover cops”. They forced us out of the car with their guns while they rummaged through our things and took our stuff. I was literally crawling on the ground. They told us they thought we were smuggling drugs and when they took everything they wanted, they let us go. I later found out that these “undercover cops” were just corrupt cops taking what they wanted.

The second story is when I was asked to work on a photo shoot for INTERVIEW Magazine featuring Ryan Phillippe. When Ryan walked in, he had BLUE hair because he was finishing a role in a movie and I was told they wanted him to be back to blonde for this shoot. Thankfully, I was using Schwarzkopf Professional and was able to get Ryan back to a cool blonde with IGORA Vario Blond.

SKP: Are you ever nervous to work with celebrity clients? If so who?

TC: Actually I don’t get nervous at all. I am there to do a job and I keep it very business-like. The only people I was nervous to work with were people that I looked up to and admired growing up such as R.E.M., Bo Derek (right after Jon Derek died), and the Spice Girls.

SKP: Where do you live and work?

TC: I live in West Hollywood, California, but I work all over the world! I take 4 to 10 flights a month and will leave on the moments notice if called. I have traveled to many places in Europe including Paris, Italy, and Spain. I have been all over the U.S., Canada and Latin America. One time I was called to go to Peru and was told to be on the plane the next day. I travel a lot!

SKP: With all your traveling, are there any places you want to go that you haven’t yet visited?

TC: Egypt. I want to see the pyramids! Or I would love to do a shoot in Africa. I would like to do something beyond the standard exotic locations because I have done places like Hawaii, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

SKP: Well with all this traveling, what do you do in your spare time?

TC: I am really into Vinyasa Flow Yoga right now. I love learning more about spirituality and reading about the different cultures. I believe that meditating gives me creativity which comes to me and flows through me. The moment I walk into a shoot is when the creativity process begins. I only like to look at images that inspire and excite me. As a culture we are so judgmental and we need to change that.

SKP: What do you like about the hair industry?

TC: I love working with people and how personal it is. The job is so versatile. It is constantly changing and I can do it anywhere. Being a hairdresser has so many opportunities that other jobs don’t have. Also I believe in giving back and paying it forward. I like to go into beauty schools and mentor upcoming students. My assistants who have worked for me in the past are now working for Katie Perry and Lindsey Lohan. Every time I teach at the academy I find at least one hairdresser goes on to do a photo shoot or some editorial work.

SKP: So what are your favorite products that you work with when you are on set or at a shoot?

TC: I have been using Schwarzkopf Professional for over 10 years. I use OSiS on all my shoots. The products I use the most are OSiS Elastic and Grip because they are perfect for what I am doing. Elastic doesn’t freeze the hair into place and allows for easy movement. OSiS Grip gives the hair volume and hold to curls.

SKP: Your class at the Schwarzkopf Professional Academy: “Evolution of Style” teaches how the hairstyles of the past decades are making a come-back and how you can easily style your clients with the updated versions of the classics. What is your favorite decade?

TC: I love the 40’s. There is something about old Hollywood glamour and beauties such as Rita Hayworth and Marlene Dietrich that I love.

Attend one of Tyler Colton’s classes at the Schwarzkopf Professional Academy in NYC. He will be teaching November 14th and 15th 2010. Please visit to sign up for his class!

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Get Inspired

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Get Inspired from on Vimeo.

Celebrity hairdresser Tyler Colton shares tips on how you can stay motivated and inspired while having fun.

How to use clip-in extensions

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How to use Clip-in Extensions from on Vimeo.

Celebrity Hair stylist shows how to use clip-in hair extensions.

Quick Holiday Hair

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Holiday Hair Quick Tip/ from on Vimeo.

Tyler Colton, Celebrity Hair Stylist shows how to create a quick up-style for the holidays or any occasion.

How to Create Veronica Lake Retro Style Waves

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One of the most inspiring interviews with top stylists

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Canadian National Post Hair Story

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Fifteen years into the business, celebrity hair stylist Tyler Colton has had a revelation that cuts through the often shallow business of making people beautiful for photos, film and live stage — and it has little to do with hair.

“Awakening to the present,” he says, “that’s what it’s all about.” Eureka!

“When we hear the line, there’s no better time than the present, we think of it as a call to action, a call to lose weight for the new year or a call to do something. For me, that’s not really what it means. It’s about enjoying the present, living in the moment.”

Colton is a happy guy, so it would seem, enthralled with philosophizing his new-found joie de vivre, just as much as he is about using extensions to create a healthy head of fabulous.

He says a natural head of long shiny tresses is scarce to non-existent, and the majority of starlets use human hair extensions. The taboo has lifted and now everyone knows the secrets to perfection — the cosmetic surgery, Botox and general fakery of celebrities, including wigs, wig pieces, faux ponytails and pops of purple hair extensions.

He says the bonus is that these hair accessories are available at salons for the average woman who doesn’t mind forking out some extra bucks for hair art. Did you know you can get quality clip-on extensions, too, so they don’t have to be woven or glued into the hair? A conversation with Colton is full of useful tips.

He is based in Los Angeles as a freelance stylist with his own booking agent and he also teaches at hairstyling schools as a way to “pay it forward,” and he plans to offer guest lectures in Toronto through hair product and services company, Schwarzkopf, for which he’s an occasional spokesperson. As for satisfied clients, he’s styled Grammy Award winning music artists, Avril Lavigne and Sarah McLachlan, Oscar winners Hillary Swank and Charlize Theron, and A-listers Eva Longoria, Julie Bowen and Jennifer Garner. “Sarah [McLachlan]‘s really super sweet, genuine, very grounded,” he says, when prodded about working with the Canadian singer-songwriter.

The perks of the job? Access to sets and shoots in interesting “beautiful places, like incredible gardens and museums” and, we’d guess, sunny beaches in the tropics. The bummer part of gigs? Stress? Prima donnas? “Well, I could go on about the negative parts…,” he laughs, but stops there.

He is eager to extol beauty advice to the average woman — forget about Hollywood perfection and be happy with yourself and your own particular style. Good thoughts, of course, but often hard words to heed in a celebrity-obsessed culture.”There’s so much Photoshopping. Some makeup artists say the final photos are so retouched, they don’t recognize the work.”

That said, his suggestions for great holiday hair include a 1940s’ call-out to actress Rita Hayworth — a deep side part, tucking the hair behind the ear, adding a decorative clip. “I like it swept up from the face to create some height and show its natural texture,” he says.

Another option is an off-centre low chignon, so it looks a little imperfect with some pieces hanging loose. To create this look, with a product plug:

Apply Osis Curl Me Soft to damp hair, root to ends. Use a diffuser or low air and scrunch technique to work the hair’s natural texture until dry. Apply a bit of Osis Magic shine serum to hands and gently pull hair back into a low chignon with or without a part. Finish off with Osis Elastic hair spray for a light hold so the style doesn’t end up looking stiff.

“Add a hair band and play up your eyes for polish and drama.”

Old Hollywood Glam Waves

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