Don’t fight it–work with your natural hair type and texture and reveal your best hair ever.


WAVY Thick
Ideal cut:
You have the option of going for a longer look, with some weight removed from the interior. Avoid a symmetrical cut or risk ending up with a triangular shape to your hair. Try also to go to your stylist with your hair shampooed and dried already. Tyler Colton, celebrity hairstylist presented by OSiS Schwarzkopf Professional, insists that wavy and curly hair of all types should be cut dry in its natural state. “Often the hair is flat-ironed and cut, but you need to see what the hair is doing and work with its’ natural texture—I need to see what the curl pattern is.”

Hair care:
Thanks to today’s advanced product formulations these days, hair care productsdon’t tend to build up, which allows you to the freedom of skipping shampoos, and with your hair type, you definitely should resist shampooing every day. Your hair’s natural oils don’t travel down the hair shaft thanks to its’ waves, so shampooing only every two or three days allows those natural oils do their work (this will help prevent your waves from drying out).

Styling products:
Your priority is adding moisture to your hair so look for products with conditioning properties. Tyler’s top pick for you? OSiS Curl Me Soft Velvet Curl Cream. “This will help bond the curls and weight them down a bit,” he says.

You’re lucky in that you don’t need to blow dry, in fact, it’s better to let your waves air dry. If you must blow dry, use a diffuser but use less movement. Your hair already has enough density so just let the heat do the work of drying.

Ideal cut:
Your hair should hit just below the chin. “Much longer than that, your ends start to look thin,” says Tyler, “and it doesn’t get the lift of kick that you need. Layers should hit right at the cheekbone or longer. Check out some short hair styles here.

Hair care:
As with thick, wavy hair, don’t shampoo every day. You can wet your hair and follow the same routine, but your hair’s natural oils will really help your wavy mane. “People with wavy or curly hair will often find that day two or three without washing are their best,” says Tyler.

Styling products:
Your goal is to find products that will give your wavy hair body and hold.

Tyler’s recommendations:
Curl Me Soft Velvet Curl Cream mixed with some Upload Volume Cream, both from OSiS. “But you have to figure out the right amount, and this will be different for everyone, so go with less and see if that works and decide if you need more product,” he says.

A diffuser, as you might expect, is a must-have. “Hold your hair in your hands and let the heat from the diffuser work through the hair held in your hands,” says Tyler. The diffuser will help promote your natural wave without disrupting the curl.

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