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Tyler Colton Celebrity Stylist Reel

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Tyler Colton Hair Stylist/ Beauty Expert/ Motivational Speaker/ Host from on Vimeo.

UK Cosmo behind the scenes/Hair by Tyler Colton

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Cosmo LA Fashion: Wild West from Claire Morgan Jones on Vimeo.

Lady Gaga inspired Hair Bow

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Sexy Victoria Secret Hair

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Quick tips to create an evening up-do

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Quick Evening Up-Do from on Vimeo.

Celebrity Hairdresser Tyler Colton show how to create a quick up-do within minutes. From daytime to night time with just a few hair pins.

Quick Holiday Hair

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Holiday Hair Quick Tip/ from on Vimeo.

Tyler Colton, Celebrity Hair Stylist shows how to create a quick up-style for the holidays or any occasion.

How to Create Veronica Lake Retro Style Waves

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Canadian National Post Hair Story

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Fifteen years into the business, celebrity hair stylist Tyler Colton has had a revelation that cuts through the often shallow business of making people beautiful for photos, film and live stage — and it has little to do with hair.

“Awakening to the present,” he says, “that’s what it’s all about.” Eureka!

“When we hear the line, there’s no better time than the present, we think of it as a call to action, a call to lose weight for the new year or a call to do something. For me, that’s not really what it means. It’s about enjoying the present, living in the moment.”

Colton is a happy guy, so it would seem, enthralled with philosophizing his new-found joie de vivre, just as much as he is about using extensions to create a healthy head of fabulous.

He says a natural head of long shiny tresses is scarce to non-existent, and the majority of starlets use human hair extensions. The taboo has lifted and now everyone knows the secrets to perfection — the cosmetic surgery, Botox and general fakery of celebrities, including wigs, wig pieces, faux ponytails and pops of purple hair extensions.

He says the bonus is that these hair accessories are available at salons for the average woman who doesn’t mind forking out some extra bucks for hair art. Did you know you can get quality clip-on extensions, too, so they don’t have to be woven or glued into the hair? A conversation with Colton is full of useful tips.

He is based in Los Angeles as a freelance stylist with his own booking agent and he also teaches at hairstyling schools as a way to “pay it forward,” and he plans to offer guest lectures in Toronto through hair product and services company, Schwarzkopf, for which he’s an occasional spokesperson. As for satisfied clients, he’s styled Grammy Award winning music artists, Avril Lavigne and Sarah McLachlan, Oscar winners Hillary Swank and Charlize Theron, and A-listers Eva Longoria, Julie Bowen and Jennifer Garner. “Sarah [McLachlan]‘s really super sweet, genuine, very grounded,” he says, when prodded about working with the Canadian singer-songwriter.

The perks of the job? Access to sets and shoots in interesting “beautiful places, like incredible gardens and museums” and, we’d guess, sunny beaches in the tropics. The bummer part of gigs? Stress? Prima donnas? “Well, I could go on about the negative parts…,” he laughs, but stops there.

He is eager to extol beauty advice to the average woman — forget about Hollywood perfection and be happy with yourself and your own particular style. Good thoughts, of course, but often hard words to heed in a celebrity-obsessed culture.”There’s so much Photoshopping. Some makeup artists say the final photos are so retouched, they don’t recognize the work.”

That said, his suggestions for great holiday hair include a 1940s’ call-out to actress Rita Hayworth — a deep side part, tucking the hair behind the ear, adding a decorative clip. “I like it swept up from the face to create some height and show its natural texture,” he says.

Another option is an off-centre low chignon, so it looks a little imperfect with some pieces hanging loose. To create this look, with a product plug:

Apply Osis Curl Me Soft to damp hair, root to ends. Use a diffuser or low air and scrunch technique to work the hair’s natural texture until dry. Apply a bit of Osis Magic shine serum to hands and gently pull hair back into a low chignon with or without a part. Finish off with Osis Elastic hair spray for a light hold so the style doesn’t end up looking stiff.

“Add a hair band and play up your eyes for polish and drama.”

Old Hollywood Glam Waves

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Tyler Colton works his magic on textured hair

Photo by Thomas Sandler

Great news ahead for low-maintenance ladies. We had the chance to meet with celebrity hairstylist Tyler Colton last night and he had one solid piece of advice: Put your flatirons away! “We’ve been really obsessed with straight hair for over five years,” says the pro, who has worked with Charlize Theron, Jessica Biel, Eva Longoria Parker and more. “It’s time to bring back natural texture.” If you have natural waves or curls, Colton recommends using a curl-enhancing cream on damp hair and either diffusing or scrunching as it air dries to boost texture. Straight manes can get the look by applying mousse before blow-drying and adding texture with a curling iron. Not only is this fresh style easy to achieve and a mega timesaver, but Colton points out another benefit: “It’s a really great way to get healthy hair again.” Looks like we have a winner!

FLARE picks: OSiS+ Hold Miracle Ultra Strong Cream Mousse, $19. OSiS+ Curl Me Soft Velvet Curl Cream, $20. At select salons across Canada.